Thursday, 15 December 2016

Roll on 2017

Just in case you thought I was keen on accelerating the end of this year given it's place in history now as 'the year when the improbable happened, consistently', I'm not.

No point rehashing what has gone - deaths, dumbed-down democracy, diabolic detritus - but possibly worthwhile reflecting on what, possibly, was the (most unhelpful) comment of the year levelled at me yesterday during a presentation with a client for whom I am doing business development work.

"... the easiest way to find whom to contact at an organisation is to google it."

Who would've thunk it?

Maybe that's where we've been going astray in 2016.
The answers were there all along.
Silly us, we used our brains to figure out matters that we really didn't need to.

Tsk. All that wasted time and effort.

So, 2017.

I might just start googling things before you get underway.
You know, just to be ahead of the game.


Yadda yadda yadda...