Saturday, 12 November 2016

America, you're fired

What a tumultuous week.

To take my mind off the crazy happenings over the pond, I went for a cycle ride today.

In the pouring rain.

For 78km.

Yes, I know - I was in good company at least.

And if you are going to lead by example when on two wheels, you abide by the rules. In this case #9.

Anyway - America. WT actual F?

There has been so much written since Wednesday's announcement about the most improbable candidate this side of Tutankhamen reaching the highest office of the largest economy in the world, that I am, quite frankly, all 'read out'. I have heard the views from either side, analysed the logic, searched the rationale and the psyche of the voting populace as to how such a result could occur (hello, Brexit anyone?), delved into the annals of history, swapped opinions with any number of individuals... and un-friended a few people on Facebook.

Life is short enough without having to put up with obnoxious and toxic views from the petty-minded. I have a choice too. It is called the < delete > button.

In my mind now I foresee The Donald acting out his celebrity status on a world stage. I can only imagine the type of conversations that will take place (although possibly not quite as funny as these ones).

The Donald: The wall. I want that wall built. By the Mexicans.
White House aide: Mr President, sir, I think you said you wanted Mexico to pay for it?
TD: Yeah, right. Pay for it. Find me someone to build it.
WHA: But sir, you can't...
TD: You're fired.

The Donald: I want all Muslims microchipped.
White House aide: Sir, I think you mean 'vetted'?
TD: Vet? Who? McCain?
WHA: No sir, the Muslims who...
TD: You're fired.

The Donald: Obamacare. Repeal it. Bigly.
White House aide: Sir, you can't just...
TD: You're fired.

The Donald: The White House. Redecorate it.
White House aide: Sir, Mr President, can you be more specific please?
TD: Gold. Rename it. The Trump House.
WHA: I'm afraid you...
TD: You're fired.

And so on.

If Britain was a joke on the world stage post-Brexit, then the US has gone one further (or more).

Reality TV has a lot to answer for.


Yadda yadda yadda...