Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The most bonkers Kevin yet

You would never guess that Kevin has been around for sixteen years.

You would also never believe that a congregation of adult women who really should know better are still able to laugh hysterically about the most (in the face of it) mundane items.

You would furthermore be probably quite incredulous at the amount of food - and beverage - we manage to put away over the space of a few hours.

We are not nicknamed 'The Bookclub Trough-ers' for nothing, you know.

It takes years of practice, believe me, to be this good at eating and drinking and still be able to discuss books and authors and other - less literary - issues.

For example:

  • the hosting Kevinette (who under 'the rules' gets to select the books for next time) asking one of the foreign members of the club whether they would have chosen either of the last English language books we opted for, only to be told, "I did choose them, I hosted the previous meeting!"
  • a Kevinette deciding not to vote for one of the new book choices proffered because they couldn't tell what the book was about ('A shepherd's life')
  • another Kevinette vetoing a further proposed book because they didn't understand what it was about from the cover ('A whole life')
  • one member getting so excited about being invited to a book launch by an author (with whom she has collaborated) that she got a) the date wrong, b) the day wrong, and c) the month wrong, when asking us all to join her
  • wondering whether there is a theme in one Kevinette's selection of books given they all appear to involve brain tumours, brain tumours, murder... and comedy
  • telling stories about a former colleague's mishaps with prospective parents-in-law when she made a dress out of IKEA fabric and visited for Sunday lunch... and blended into the furnishings which were of the exact same material (yes, we wondered too)
  • writing comments in the black book - another fundamental rule of Kevin, supposedly to recall what we read and what we thought about the tomes consumed, although the handwriting is pretty illegible given it gets passed round towards the end of the evening - and then realising that we skipped a section at some point in the past and are filling in a random blank page that is not even sequential to the last meeting 
  • but not wanting to continue writing on a new clean a-few-pages-along page when space runs out, thus prompting one Kevinette to merely opt for scrawling "Ditto" under another's comments - I blame the wine, and the popping candy chocolate doing the rounds...
But, best of all - the absolute icing on the cake - was when the Botanical Artist queried, "Why are we looking to read a book in Swedish?"

The book in question? 

Or apparently 'LĂ„ndskipping' if you've been frequenting Kevin for too long. 

* with apologies to the film 'Sixteen Candles'


Yadda yadda yadda...