Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Old(er) dog, new tricks

Today I tried something new.

I lie. I tried something different.

Given my loathing of 'death by powerpoint' presentations, I have always sought to lead by example.
In past corporate roles I have done away with the dreaded slides altogether - and thus eschewing years of precedence by former management - and turned dreaded hour-long meetings into engaging and memorable TED-style talks that lasted no more than twenty minutes and were uplifting and valuable to all involved.

When meeting with prospective clients, my business partners and I have jettisoned the typical method of using an overhead projector and loads of jargon, for a far simpler - and more effective - session involving drawing icebergs and penguins and circles and timelines (you have to be there, trust me, it makes sense).

So today I gave a presentation to an up-and-coming new company.
Out of respect I will not divulge names or topics or agenda or remit, however I will say that I opted for a different tact altogether.

I used my cartoons to illustrate points.

They liked it.

They laughed.

And they asked whether they could keep the cartoons.

Let's see if it reaps rewards.
In the meantime, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I reckon!


Yadda yadda yadda...