Sunday, 22 November 2015

Oh Kevin

At present I am not quite sure whether I am coming or going.

Between persistently following up prospective clients (phone call, meeting, email, text message, phone call, email, 'out of office', email, 'on annual leave', phone call, text message, email... repeat times three), dealing with disgruntled (former) members of voluntary organisations intent on jettisoning responsibilities, networking with new associates and exploring potential work partnerships, keeping an eye on the offspring's social calendar (far more vibrant than mine) and trying to complete an online course for boosting book sales, I was so glad that it was time for Kevin again.

And this time I did not have to drive to the venue.

Which meant I could have a drink or two.
Even better.

On a Monday night.
Not a good idea.

Anyway, we were a full contingent bar the Lovely Radiographer (at choral duties) and La Diplomat (last minute work meeting), and hosted by the wonderful Aussie Solicitor.

Now, when Kevin meets, we all know that eating and drinking are priorities. So is discussing the books - two very good choices the last ones, btw - and catching up.

As ever, we did not disappoint, although I somehow think that our host was hoping that one E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S fish pie plus greens might suffice for the lot of us.

And it did.

Until she uttered the infamous words, "Would anyone like some more?"
And that was before pudding.

Alas, that second fish pie she (and her husband) had been hoping to keep for another meal... well... there was not much left. Not. Much. At. All.

So let it be a lesson to all who host the Kevinettes:
  1. only make just enough food for one serving
  2. if you make more, do not tell
  3. if you tell, do not offer
  4. if you offer, it's your own fault - see point 1 above 
Oh. And do not drink more than two glasses of wine on a Monday night when you have a long 'to do' list ahead and a very early start the next day.

That'd be a lesson for me, at least.

But the pie was delicious.

note the wine glass, if you please


Monday, 9 November 2015

Bleeding patience

It is a long game this one.

The one where you brush yourself down after another knock.
The one where you 'smile while you dial' and aim to get through to the correct person on the phone, bypassing voicemails, unhelpful PAs, obstructive admin people and clueless individuals in general.
The one where you finally pin someone down for a fruitful conversation only for them to have to "hop on another call, sorry".
The one where you have a great face-to-face meeting, agree next steps, follow up, and... nothing. Vanished into thin air despite capitalising on every possible known tactic to hand to engage the particular individual in taking the opportunity further.
The one where you put on your happy face and open the front door and step outside again.
The one where you just DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.
The one where you also go, "Good grief WILL SOMEONE GIVE ME A FECKIN' BREAK?!"

And then you have a conversation - or several - with the person for whom the glass is always half empty.
Or totally empty.
Or actually there is no glass at all, come to mention it.

This person has nothing to do with anything work-related.
Thank heavens for that. One less obstacle to consider.

But you wonder why do you bother putting time and effort into quelling and continuing the latter interaction when you could put the same energy to more productive ends.

I know why.
Because I can see the finish line.
And I am, fundamentally, a nice person.

In the meantime, however, the merry-go-round continues.

Yes, this is cryptic. Grant me some respite.
At least my glass is always half full.


Yadda yadda yadda...