Monday, 7 September 2015

What I have learnt since my return

  1. I can say "No." It won't kill me. Or the person asking, for that matter
  2. I can chase up contacts without the "I'm on holiday, call me back in September," excuse being levelled at me
  3. I can still hit the < delete > button with relish, and quite vigorously - and frequently - too
  4. If someone annoys me on Facebook, I can happily hide their posts
  5. If someone stalks me on Facebook, I can change what they can see of mine, ie virtually nothing
  6. Some things never change: people, perspectives, perceptions
  7. Some things do change: people, perspectives, perceptions
  8. Almost nothing surprises me anymore, ref points 4-7 above
  9. Doing absolutely bugger all exercise for three weeks takes willpower 
  10. Knowing that you have a half marathon approaching and are totally ill-prepared is not worth fretting about
  11. Because there will be wine
  12. And laughter
  13. And fancy dress
  14. And who said we would be running it anyway? Tsk.

yes, our theme - I will wearing a nun's habit


Yadda yadda yadda...