Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What the eye sees - the revived version

It is not a secret that I love people watching.

Sit me in a café window or on a bench in an airport or railway station and I will be very content for an hour or two just observing everybody passing by and providing suitable sartorial commentary in my head.

Sometimes even out loud when in company, which scares the bejeezus out of OH (he is still very British in this regard), especially now that the offspring have also cottoned on and provide their own views. Loudly, in many cases.

You know that person who wonders round saying, "Who are these small people and why do they insist on calling me 'mum'?" That is me now. I suppose a case of justice served.

So I posted a comment on Twitter instead, which duly received the appropriate reply:

And of course got me thinking. Why not have others send in photos and allow me to comment (in)appropriately? I will have no insight as to who the individuals are - good grief, they could be pictures of myself even, now there's a novel idea - and it would be off-the-cuff humorous remarks without anyone getting their knickers in a twist.

Alternatively I will have to resort to pinching idiotic photos from the Snail Online and making sarky remarks about 'slebs.

But no one wants that. It would be far too predictable.

So, who's got some 'interesting sartorial snaps to send me?


Yadda yadda yadda...