Wednesday, 15 July 2015

It's all about the bike

So ten days ago I once more attempted a Surrey Hills ride with other lovely lady cyclists, covering the big climbs that are part of the RideLondon Surrey 100 event taking place on August 2nd.

More importantly, I managed to do this without getting lost, unlike last time.

There was just one little thing that did not quite make sense: why was I struggling up hills that are no more strenuous than the ones tackled during the Majorca cycling academy and why the flippety flip was my cadence (that's the rate at which the pedals are rotating to the uninitiated) so damn low even when I was in the 'granny gear'?

Mystery solved at the cake stop (essential in any long outing) at the top of Box Hill.

In Majorca I was riding a beauuuuuutiful much-coveted sleek racing machine as used by the pro teams in the Tour de France.

luverley jubberley *sighs*

In Blighty I have my trusted warhorse of six years' standing, nothing fancy schmancy about it.

does what it says on the tin

My lowest gear has 26 'teeth'.
All the other lady riders had 30 or even 32.

So in essence my granny was missing a few. Hence my inability to increase cadence and climb with ease. Nothing to do with being inept on two wheels and looking for excuses for poor performance.

The upside is that now most of the cycling club is on OH's case about sorting my bike out, given that he does all the tinkering and I am about as useful as a chocolate teapot, although I can fix a puncture and change a tyre.

I am not waiting with baited breath however.
He is far too busy upgrading his own bike.


Yadda yadda yadda...