Thursday, 19 March 2015

Rendezvous du Kevin

Since touching down from last week's cycling academy in the company of my awesome Aussie Solicitor friend - a blissful combination of no laundry, no work, no demands from children or otherwise, but an awful lot of miles and LOTS of hills, she nailed them, me less so - I don't think I have quite yet caught my breath.

With any luck I may do so just in time for the end of term break. Yay. Lucky me. I foresee lots of shouting and threatening children with all kinds of horrible endings.

Anyway. One upside from returning to the fray was Kevin, the much ridiculed, most beloved and of many years' standing bookclub. And LCM's turn to host.

Cue panic.

What food to prepare for the demanding posse that would require minimum time and produce maximum contentment? Easy. Thank you Cook. I'm not proud.
How much wine? More than usual, that's for sure.
What books to suggest (the host has the honour of proposing a selection of their choice, we are very democratic) that would encourage debate and opinions?

But more importantly - what to say about the previous tomes in conversation, one which had left me wanting to slit my wrists, the other which had depleted my best speed-reading skills and been abandoned halfway through?

Thankfully there were mixed reactions to both, including some defiant non-reading by some - horror, shock, pagans in our midst - most of which were neatly summarised in the black (now blue) book that contains our many years of comments.

With regard to the first choice, in one camp sat Belfast Blonde, the Wine Writer and the Botanical Artist. They analysed, dissected, explained and enthused about eels, ale-making, history and torment. My eyes might have glazed over at some point but fortunately I had food to delve out and drink to replenish.

In the other camp sat the Lovely Radiographer, the Doctor of Psychology, Tough Mudda and yours truly, LCM. I think my comment summed up (most of) our feelings: "I felt like I was going round in circles so much that I was about to spiral out of control."

Aussie Solicitor positioned herself conveniently in the middle having managed to avoid even getting her hands on the book. We told her to continue desisting. It was time better spent.

As for the other, well, what to say? My comment was a sole word: bleak.

Fortuitously we have chosen two new books now from the seven proposed, one of which I know will lift spirits as I had started it on the tube (pure fluke that it was later chosen by the Kevinettes, I promise) en route to meetings this week and have already laughed heartily out loud a few times, much to the consternation of fellow passengers.

I seem to have vacant seats either side of me as a knock-on effect.

Excellent result. Will certainly make for additional entertaining conversation at the next Kevin convention.



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