Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mental merry-go-rounds

As per my last post, it never rains but pours.

On the work front, after a year of networking, meetings, discussions, proposals, more meetings, more networking, more discussions (repeat times fifty), things are looking a little more promising.
Out of fear of jinxing matters, I will say no more, aside from waiting to quietly 'high five' myself and my fabulous business associates if things run their course over the coming weeks.

On the governor front, the overwhelming amount of process and paperwork, revising, rewriting, cross-checking and reviewing details that go with the search for a new headteacher has - for the time being - been dealt with. We now move to the next stage of formulating and scoping out the interview process and timetable for prospective candidates. Don't all jump up in excitement now. At least I have the good fortune of working with some amazing and talented (and very knowledgeable) fellow governors who are incredibly able and helpful guides in this sea of bureaucracy. They also have fantastic senses of humour, a necessity in such times, believe me.

And on the rugby front, it is all guns blazing in the run up to the club's annual Minis Festival. This year, after announcing that I would be stepping down as Vice Chair at the end of the season, I found myself subsequently agreeing to stay on (I blame the Chairman's tweets) as well as resuming the task of finding sponsors and supporters for the festival programme. In a nutshell, we appear to have blown last year's target achieved out of the water. What can I say? Once a salesperson, always a salesperson. Alternatively, "You can take the girl off the trading floor, but you cannot change her tactics!"
Again, great teamwork and some brilliant results.

how to get my attention: sarcasm works wonders

One thing however that is amusing me no end.

The rugby club - for those of you who still have not cottoned on - is London Welsh. Being party to a number of emails between the Chairman of the professional club and the Minis Chair, reading through the editorials for the programme, and observing other Welsh-isms, got me thinking.

How does Google translate pronounce words with more consonants than vowels?

Yup. Interesting. And endless time-wasting.

Hwyl a bendith i pawb. Mwynhewch y dydd, mwynhewch y rygbi.

(bet you are all going to give it a go now) 


Yadda yadda yadda...