Sunday, 15 February 2015

Things I have learnt over the past week

  • nothing ever comes in half measures: work, rugby, governorship, meetings...
  • except training which falls slightly by the wayside
  • or gets relegated to the bottom of the priority list
  • there are only so many iterations of the same document you can read in one sitting before your eyes glaze over
  • about seventeen
  • maybe eighteen
  • FB is a very bad distraction when you should be writing
  • especially when friends post random photos
  • that always get about one hundred and thirty plus 'likes'
  • which make me wonder what their friends are actually doing with their time
  • probably stalking
  • shopping for groceries never gets any sexier
  • even if you prance around a supermarket still in your training kit
  • because FB distracted you again when you should have had a shower
  • doing just your own laundry is a positive option
  • and is much more satisfying
  • and takes a fraction of the time
  • however the message about the Laundry Fairy being on permanent strike takes longer to filter through to the rest of the family
  • about four weeks
  • better late than never
  • writing client proposals when the offspring are in the house is not productive
  • yet watching silly videos with them on YouTube is very entertaining
  • but still not a good use of valuable time
  • taking time out on weekends is the best way to distract yourself
  • long bike rides in particular
  • although lots of hills and lack of feeding stations can lead to more swearing than usual

it's a long way to the finish, with no food in sight
unless you like foliage


Yadda yadda yadda...