Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Return of the doctor

(c) Schultz
After a lengthy break - too much work people, too much work - the esteemed Doctor LCM is back once more to deal with the needy, the downtrodden, the confused and the downright pain-in-the-arse individuals requiring helpful and insightful advice to deal with their mundane first-world problems.

Yes, the BADASS clinic is once more up and running.

Without further ado, let's get down to business and negotiate this week's conundrum from a troubled reader.

"Dear Doctor LCM,

I am a really good headhunter (because my mum says so) and I love my job. I like to talk to people and make them smile. If they are really nice I can sometimes find them work. This is so much fun!

Recently I met a very scary candidate. She was old enough to be my gran. Well, older than my mum, that's for sure. Anyway, I was really nervous about interviewing her as she knew more than I did about business and the world and work and like, well, it was quite scary so I just smiled a lot and I think I talked too much. 
I thought she had some cracking skills and when I said that to her she looked at me really strangely, like she wanted to hit me or something. When she asked me what would happen next I told her that it was definitely not a 'no' and she looked at me even worse and I thought she was going to go mental or start screaming but she didn't LOL.

She has now emailed me twice to ask what is happening and what are the next steps. I'm not sure what she means or how to reply. What do you think I should do?

Lots of love,
Rupert xx"

Doctor LCM replies:

"Dear Rupert

Seriously? How old are you? Twelve?

Get a grip man. This woman should be your new MD. I cannot believe you are interviewing her. It should be the other way round, although the options for your own career then would be either a) paper boy, or b) fired.

Afraid you do not stand a chance with such talent until you mature by, say, about thirty years. Facts, dear boy, facts. They come with maturity which sadly you appear to be lacking.

Suggest you finish your work experience before taking on such challenges again. Call the woman back and ask if she will be your mentor. Trust me, it's your best bet.

You're welcome,


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