Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The mysterious case of the disappearing toe covers

You may have guessed that this post is about cycling.
If you hadn't, guess what? This post is about cycling.

Well, cycling and how things that you can have on or about your person for some four hours then mysteriously disappear when you suddenly recall not having seen them for a while.

Familiarity breeding absentmindedness, perhaps? I have no idea. You be the judge.

So, in a bid to 'up' our cycling prowess to the same levels as the Wine Writer and the Aussie Solicitor - a rather fearsome task - LCM and Tough Mudda (also a fellow Kevinette, as are the other two, we live very sheltered lives you see within restricted social circles) decided to partake in an organised event on Sunday.

We even featured - albeit from a distance - in one of the organiser's official photos, proof that we were there I suppose:

Elegantly wheeling their bikes to the starting line, the ladies ponder whether
anyone will notice if they bunk off for a croissant and hot chocolate

Anyway. It was freezing. The thermometer said +2C. We pulled on leg warmers, arm warmers, under layers, thermals, socks, tops, bottoms, fleeces, beanies, jackets, full gloves and windproof protection.

I then pulled on overshoes - essentially a wetsuit-style neoprene cover for cleated cycling shoes - which although not particularly sightly, are very effective (my toes were still frozen until about the 47km mark, but never mind).

so elegant... sadly neither the legs nor the bike are mine

Tough Mudda got second dibs on the goodies and had to make do with toe covers, which are, funnily enough, just that: covers that go over the toes of your cycling shoes. Some respite from the cold but not enough (her toes also froze until the halfway mark when we realised her shoes were overtightened and hence restricting circulation... *sigh*).

much more fetching, yet not quite as warm as full PVC

But we finished. Some 66km later, the longest bike ride ever completed by Tough Mudda, in one piece albeit with *ahem* a few sore 'bits'.

Back to the car, racking of bikes, peeling off leg warmers, arm warmers, under layers, thermals, socks, tops, bottoms, fleeces, beanies, jackets, full gloves and windproof protection. And overshoes and toe covers.

Home to tea and pancakes. Bliss.

Two days later and I am suddenly aware of some missing items in the garage cycle-kit-storage-area-that-doubles-as-a-Halfords-showroom.

Yup. Missing toe covers. Vanished into thin air. (And yes, I did check around and on top of the car before leaving the cycling venue, have learnt that from past experience...)

Which in itself is no big deal. Except that they weren't strictly mine to lose as both they and the overshoes belong to someone else.

No one less than BB. Erstwhile training partner on her (rapid) way back from injury.

Uh oh. I haven't told her yet. Although she probably knows now if she reads this.

*practices happy apologetic smile*

I'll just blame Tough Mudda. She wore them last.

And she also lost one of her gloves. Just one, mind you, not both. So I think the toe covers are keeping the 'gant perdu' company somewhere in the wilderness of the A4 corridor. Or on eBay.

Now, where's that website for buying replacement cycling kit? I might need a tougher helmet as well.

(c) Doug Savage


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