Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kevin's way with words

Unbelievably, Kevin is now in his fifteenth year.

A teenager.

And in true teenage style, this week the Kevinettes wined, dined, laughed and chatted about all and everything, including the books - one which we all hated (facts, facts, more facts, names, more names, names that were referenced then not mentioned again until seven chapters later, more names, more factszzzz I have lost track... you get the picture), and one which only LCM loathed (blame it on the time of year, it just bugged the hell out of me even though the others loved it). We had some very lively conversations going.

It was almost a full house with only the Wine Writer absent. We all blame her husband, not the fact that she lives out in the sticks and has a good one hour commute each way to attend Kevin's rendezvous unless hosting them herself. Tsk. Totally inconsiderate.

Anyway, amidst all the banter - and the food and the wine, of which there were copious amounts of course, we are a serious bookclub after all - there was a sudden change in topic as the Kevinettes started announcing random English words they love which are not frequently used.

"Conundrum!" said the Botanical Artist.
"Inertia!" declared the Doctor of Psychology.
"Conniption!" stated the Lovely Radiographer.
"Nonplussed!" offered the Aussie Solicitor.
"Cantankerous!" countered Tough Mudda.
"Paraphernalia!" shouted LCM (necessary, it was getting very rowdy).
"Parasol!" said La Diplomat.
"Parapluie!" opined Belfast Blonde, our host for the evening.

The room went silent.

"That's French!" we all said in unison.

"Oh," answered Belfast Blonde. "I just liked it! What does it mean?"

"Umbrella," we replied, again in unison.

And then promptly moved on to more important matters by asking what was for dessert (lemon polenta cake, delicious btw).

By the time we finally took our leave, it was raining.

No correlation at all, I am sure.

(c) Schultz


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