Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Things I have learnt over the past few months

  • good friends are forever
  • laughter is still free
  • compliments can come from the most unexpected sources
  • time is valuable
  • networking is all-consuming
  • some contacts are just shite
  • others are brilliant
  • perceptions are deceiving
  • gut instinct is not
  • too much tea makes you wee lots more
  • spending hours at the computer makes your back ache
  • stepping outside is a welcome break
  • doing the laundry is not
  • pitching projects and ideas to new clients is exhausting
  • being a corporate nobody again would be worse
  • retaining a positive attitude is absolutely necessary
  • frustration is part of the deal
  • patience is a virtue
  • so is swearing
  • childcare - meh
  • BBC Radio 4 often begets the 'off' button
  • Barclays is rubbish 
  • headhunters still do my head in
  • empty vessels continue to make the most noise
  • job postings - load of bollocks
  • being fed up is unproductive
  • persistence is invaluable


Yadda yadda yadda...