Thursday, 30 October 2014

Musings of posts gone by

When I started out on this (blogging) journey, way back in July 2009, I had two reasons for taking it up: a) sanity, and b) amusement.

The company I was working for at the time had recently been taken over by another, and what initially appeared to be a fantastic opportunity and investment for all involved turned out to be, as ever, the biggest disappointment this side of the Tooth Fairy.

I renamed the takeover monster B'stard Company and started to write this blog with occasional digs at what we all (the takeover-ees) jokingly called 'The Cult' and some of the ridiculous processes that we were expected to abide by. It was based on facts but entirely fictitious. No names, no indications, no details, no breach of privacy laws were ever in question.

Readers and friends thought I must have been working for one of the big gawdawful investment banks. I wasn't, but it proved my point that there was nothing in any of the blog posts to pinpoint who anyone was or indeed which company I was talking about.

Either way, someone snitched (yes, I know who), B'stard Company got whiff of the blog, threatened all kinds of nastiness, we came to an agreement and I removed the blog posts they objected to.
Of course, despite the LCM tag, nothing is truly anonymous on the internet, so in hindsight I was extremely naïve to think they would find my alter ego storytelling as amusing as I (and many others) did.

Of course, it never ends there, does it?

Sanity is a fine line in my book blog. Whilst writing is a great medium for explaining (to yourself) or mocking things that drive you bonkers (hence point b) 'amusement'), more often than not the end result gets misinterpreted, as demonstrated in my reminiscing above.

Regardless of how you tell a story, regale an anecdote, describe an event, even when under totally fictitious pretences, there will always, always, be someone who deems that *they* are the individual you are writing about and take offence. Particularly when the blog post in question is pee-in-your-pants funny.

My erstwhile training companion BB puts it best when she states, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!"

Indeed. A little embellishment can add to the recounting what the actual truth may not.
And therein lies the dilemma for anyone who - in the past - has 'read' themselves into my ramblings.
They take huge offence and go out of their way to tell me so. Recriminations follow, accusations fly, some parties get the wrong end of the stick and there are inevitably bruises all round.
(Can I just add as an aside that any such individuals have been from a working environment who were told via a third party about the blog - it's a long story - and otherwise would never have even ventured on to the internet, let alone searched me out. Anonymity? Pah. Rubbish.)

The honest truth is this: all these people (mercifully few, in hindsight) have one thing in common.

They really are not that interesting for me to write about in the first place. 

You know what is funnier (well, to me at least)? 

Yes, you guessed it. 

They take even greater offence when I tell them this.

Sometimes you just cannot win.

And the point of this post? A lamentation of some really funny pieces of writing which, sadly, are no longer. Or maybe they were total rubbish, so just as well.


Yadda yadda yadda...