Thursday, 3 July 2014

I had a dream

Not a particularly enlightening one. Nor one that would lead to uprisings, civil rights movements and rectifications of injustices.

No. Mine was much closer to home.

I dreamt about the upcoming triathlon.

I was on site with plenty of time to spare, bike in tow, checklist to hand.
And then I realised I had forgotten my wetsuit.
"Not a problem," I was told. "It's warm enough to go without."

Excellent, I thought, relishing the thought of a PVC-free swim.

Then I realised I had forgotten my tri suit.
"You can wear your swimmers with a t-shirt," they assured me.

I had visions of discomfort, with not much material between my nether regions and the saddle, not to mention the running section which would see me regularly trying to stop my togs from riding up my bum. Not a pleasant sight. I was just grateful to have at least seen to the 'defuzz' issue in the lead up to the event. My race number might have had to be critically placed below my navel otherwise to cover my shame.

The dream continued. I racked my bike, one eye on the clock and the minutes ticking by.
Ohmygawd - where were my cleat in riding shoes? Forgotten.
I locate a spare pair and they fit. Saved.

Time to get ready for the start.
Hang on. Where are my goggles and ear plugs? WTF?
A race to the supply tent and a quick exchange of monies sees me set.

Countdown to the start...

Now you think at this stage I would either wake up or slumber on oblivious, correct?

Not so. I appear to fast forward through the swim and the bike section and am suddenly back in transition for the run.

Where the bloody hell are my trainers? How did I manage to forget those too? What the devil was I wearing on my feet when setting everything up?

I spot a pair of flip flops.

No chance. I opt to complete the race barefoot.

Of course, when I told the Moose this story during our training session this morning, he laughed. "You sound slightly paranoid, are you ready for the race?"

"Yes," I replied. "I am packing my stuff now."

It is only Thursday.
The triathlon is Saturday.
Don't think I will ever be more prepared.


Yadda yadda yadda...