Friday, 13 June 2014

Things to do during the 2014 World Cup

For those of you who are new to here, some advance notice: this is a football-free zone.

With the LCM tribe being a pretty sound rugby playing/watching/cheering family, the game of the round ball does not genuinely feature in our household.

Example: when Widget (aged 8 1/2) says he "supports Arsenal", and I query why, he answers, "Because [insert name of best friend] does."

That just about sums up our collective enthusiasm.

So, given the fact that for the next two weeks (I think, is that how long it lasts?) all we are likely to hear on the telly and the airwaves is:
a) how poorly England is faring;
b) what England should have/could have done better/instead/earlier/later/never;
c) what the WaGs are wearing/buying/drinking/sniffing/eating;
d) how the heat/rain/humidity/sticky knickers are affecting the players;
e) what a glorious team England had in 1782/1848/1966;
f) loads of other claptrap, etc, etc, etc...

I therefore propose the following:
1. everyone in their right mind switches their telly off for the duration;
2. we all go outside and take advantage of the fair weather (because that is a whole other favourite topic of conversation in Blighty)
3. if it is too dark to engage in point 2 above, we go to bed early, read a good book and get a sound night's sleep.

And if that fails, then you can always resort to watching the matches, but with the sound turned off* and some funky soundtrack playing in the background.

Far more productive use of your time.

You're welcome.

* because some presenter's commentaries are, honestly, just too dire for words


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