Monday, 12 May 2014

Unsolicited advances - part two

In case you missed it, part one was just over two years ago.

Let's put some context around this, before I veer off into another rambling post about nothing in particular.

PR people - TAKE NOTE.

1. I do not 'do' sponsor posts
2. Any badges, links or other paraphernalia that appear on my blog are there because I like them (as The Moose and La Fuga will attest)
3. I write my own content

That's it.

So, dear [insert random name here], let me make myself absolutely clear.

Whilst your offer to 'contribute' to my site is, indeed, very generous on your behalf, and you state how much you like my 'website' (you words, not mine, and it's a BLOG btw, not an online shopping venue) and how you can write about all kinds of interesting subjects like arts (okay), sport (yes, good), nutrition (hmmm) and parenting (are you kidding me?), and even addiction (seriously, wtf?), I really, really, really, REALLY am not interested.

In payment or otherwise.

And even less in allowing you to surreptitiously take over my blog by 'mentioning' a partner/resource/sponsor/sham artist/whatever in your incredibly creative piece you are proposing to post on my site.

Three words of advice for you:
Get. Your. Own.

And one for me:

(as in the key, just in case you were wondering why I never responded to your email)


Yadda yadda yadda...