Monday, 28 April 2014

Too much time on my hands, obviously

Take one mind-numbingly crazy event:

Add the Moose and five Moosettes and some TM training:

the serious...

...and the not so serious

Take stock of the start area, aka 'Base Camp':

mmmmm, loverley mudderley

Get 'in the zone':

not nervous, not at all
(although possibly wondering what the hell
we were embarking on)

Look at some of the obstacles from a distance:

very slippy sliderey up close, promise

Conveniently forget the statistics:

Get marked up:

three of us, at any rate - the others were 'parking'

Follow our fearless leader:

Nick 'the Moose' aka 'slave driver' -
personal motto "no one left behind"

Kiss your trainers goodbye - because unless you actually lose them en route (mud suction, anyone?), they will look something like this by the end of it:

what colour were they?

Head to the start:

Take the obstacles in your stride, especially the second one - aka the infamous Arctic Enema:

it's not that bad, really

Along with some of the others:

bastard electroshock therapy - ouch!

And somehow, a good four-and-a-half hours later, wear the headband with pride and find yourself not only still smiling, but also thinking about signing up to do it all again*.

Moosettes Sue, Ellen & LCM

Moosettes Laura & Tanya & the Moose himself

Bonkers? Possibly. But great fun and incredible camaraderie.
Who's joining us next time?

p.s. very sore hips btw and some classy bruises

* I am absolutely serious about that, two of us having already signed up for 2015

(nb. some photos courtesy Tough Mudder)

Addendum - ALL of us (bar one, but she will be persuaded forced convinced otherwise) have now signed up for 2015, and others are lining up to join in :-)


Yadda yadda yadda...