Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Raising my profile

Been hiding out in a cave? No? Good.
Then you will be very aware that I am now on the home straight in terms of training for the upcoming event-that-I-said-I-would-never-do-in-my-lifetime.

The wonderful charity that I am running for invited me to a hosted event yesterday evening, at the Houses of Parliament no less.

Twenty-three and a half years in London and I finally got an invite.

*pauses for thought*

That's a looooooong wait.

I made the most of it, as you do.

No entry? Really?
Don't you know who I am?

I even caught up with my old friend who is the cause of this insane decision. I will refrain from posting a photo of the two of us together as it will probably come back to haunt me.
Or he might sue me for defamation.
Or misrepresentation.
Or malpractice.
Or something.

Anyway. He did, in turn, send me a photo (or several) of me acting like a total tit for the camera, pulling faces like a ten year-old and generally hamming it up whilst the more serious people at the event acted like grown-ups, graciously sipping glasses of wine and eating the canap├ęs on offer. And probably wondering who the bloody hell was this idiot in their midst.

Classic case of (everyone) being affected by the powerhouse despite not actually belonging there.

Although my friend's "LCM for PM!" comment on one of the photos - where I am adopting an MP-style pose in front of the dramatic political backdrop (use your imagination) - did get me thinking.

Hmmmm. I wonder.

Or maybe not.
Given the photo above I might just hotfoot it straight to the House of Lords, especially since my new nickname as of today - thanks to recent negotiation skills commended by a fellow governor, story for another post - is 'Lady Vader of Kew'.

Eddie Izzard eat your heart out.

And now it's back to training.*

*Altitude training shortly. Better known as skiing amongst the commoners.


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