Sunday, 20 April 2014

One week on

Amazingly the weather today would have been more suitable for the London Marathon last Sunday.
Not least because it is closer to the winter training conditions endured to ready myself for the 26 mile 385 yards feat.

No matters.

What counts (as I am constantly reminded by everyone) is that I finished.

Never mind that my time was rubbish - an hour longer than hoped - and that I had to contend with
a) heat (16C max? Really? Try 22C plus on the tarmac in the full sun with swarms of other runners around you - I had sunburnt shoulders to prove it afterwards), and;
b) left hip joint pain and nausea from the 20 mile mark.

Apparently early stages of heatstroke. Who would have thought?

The upside is that I used my time wisely - never let mishaps get in the way of a good story!


And if you feel ANY compassion/sympathy/disbelief/horror/shock whatsoever, do please sponsor me: I am almost there!

Next stop: Tough Mudder.

(yes, yes, I know, I know... it was the Moose's idea)


Yadda yadda yadda...