Monday, 24 March 2014

Awkward questions

So the marathon training has finally peaked and is now tapering off.

Yesterday I took part in the Hyde Park pre-marathon race.
Four laps and sixteen miles later, I finally finished.
We had wind, rain, sun, cloud, more rain, bit more sun, HAIL, wind, more cloud...
In other words, it was freezing. Even with three (light) layers on, I never quite warmed up. Nothing to do with speed, of course.
Plus I was overtaken by Elvis*. Typical.
Just as well the race is flat.

Then I had to drive home.

The upside of racing early on a Sunday is that a) it takes no time to drive in to the West End, and b) parking is free; downside - traffic of doom on the way back.

Anyway. My feet were killing me. I wanted to discard my shoes and socks and drive barefoot.
Because in my mind anything would have been preferable to the current state of affairs.
Slight issue with trying to do this whilst manoeuvring in traffic and also - more importantly - having to extrapolate myself from the car so I could bend over and reach my trainers to take them off.
No mean feat when you are driving a Mini and have endured agony to get IN to the driver's seat in the first place post sixteen mile race.

I failed. And persevered. And finally got home over sixty minutes later.

I think I swore at a lot of people en route. I can't remember.

Half an hour post my re-entry, the troops return home from their rugby festival.
Less mud than usual, a relief.

One question only from Mr Man (the eldest) regarding my race.

MM - "Did you run or did you do the granddad shuffle?"
LCM - "What's the granddad shuffle?"
MM - "You know, when the old people pretend to run but they're actually walking and it's slower?"
LCM - "Uhmmm... Have you had any lunch?"

You be the judge.

At least not as embarrassing as an earlier conversation, when OH showed off his new beanie ("snug fit to keep my head warm on the rugby pitch') to me and Widget.

OH - "What do you think?"
LCM - "Looks like you have a condom on your head."
Widget - "You look bald."

BB passed comment on this.
BB - "Widget did not ask what a condom was?"
LCM - "Don't worry, that'll come."

I will just ask him if he has had any lunch.
Worked with his brother.

yes, that'd be me on the right
(blurry teeny image because I cannot be arsed
to fork out for a formal version)

* as in a runner dressed as Elvis, not some random dog being walked in the park


Yadda yadda yadda...