Friday, 1 November 2013

Trade offs

Not so long ago I mentioned in passing about the lovely lads from Rugby Pro Fit Club.

I also mentioned about a 'trade-off' going on and hinted at a future post that would give more insight.

This is that post.

During the summer months some of the rugby premiership players run skills and coaching camps for the kids. Typically this would entail a) leaving the children with responsible qualified coaches and trainers, b) sneaking off to the club house to indulge in a quick pint, and c) reappearing at 'finish' time suitably refreshed and relaxed.

Sometimes that worked. Other times it didn't. And when it didn't it was because the adults were set some of the same challenges as the children.

Challenges such as:
- how many sit-ups can you do in a minute (answer: lying on the ground is much more pleasant)
- how many press-ups can you do before collapsing (I still suffer after-effects of broken wristitis)
- how many burpees can you perform before your knees give way (or your back, or your legs...)

Anyway. Point is, I missed out on a couple of the sessions. Possibly one of the harder ones too, judging by my mate MAC:

Well, I thought I was being funny. Until this came through:

Thus the gauntlet was thrown down.

Fast forward to more recently. In exchange for helping the lads refine their business plans and go-to-market strategy, I am getting some extra PT sessions thrown in (extra because there is always the Moose, of course).

Today? It started with a question.

RPFitClub - "Have you ever done German one hundreds?"
LCM - "What? What is that? Like saying 'Vun hundret' vit a German ax-cent?" *

I don't even get an answer. I get 'the stare'. Uh oh.

Further fast forward to this afternoon. 
A text.
"How are the arms?"

My reply: "Arms are dying. Will be using a straw to drink my tea at this rate. Just as well I can use my nose for typing."

And writing blog posts, of course.

* more accurately termed as German Volume Training: 10 sets (of an exercise), 10 reps (that's ten times). Yes, really. Times a lot of different exercises. Involving arms, in my case *sigh*


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