Friday, 22 November 2013

Scaling new heights. Or depths. Or something.

You know those nights when you should have gone to bed instead of messing about on the laptop?

The times when what started as playful banter turned into a more serious discussion?

The days when a vague recollection of having said something to someone at some stage about 'joining in' or 'taking part' or 'count on me' come back to slap you in the face?

Yes? Good. That's what happened. Over a period of, hmmm... *counts* ... twelve hours.

In the space of a glass of wine too many, a surreal set of instant messages via Facebook with two other individuals (one in Manchester, one in Canada of all places), and a good deal of rather rash decision-making, we came to a conclusion.

We have signed up to do a marathon.

Next September.

Yes, as in 2014.

I know, I know, I can hear you asking, "What's the big deal? You are always going on about training with the Moose and the RP Fit Club lads, it should be a doddle!"

Uhmm. No.

LCM has never run a marathon (laundry marathon, yes; running 26.2 miles marathon, no).
Heather has never run a marathon (quote: "There are 38 weeks between now and beginning of September. That's plenty of time, right?"). 
Dara has never run a marathon (quote: "You know I know I can WALK 26 miles. Worst comes to worst... I'll see you guys in a few hours.").

So we have entered the only marathon that makes it, well, worth our while.
On all fronts.
Cue the list:

  • easy access - check
  • picturesque - check
  • not too hilly - check
  • not too warm - check
  • well organised - check
  • fancy dress - check
  • drinking - check

Re the last point: if that seems 'obvious', think again.
When we say drinking, we actually mean 'wine tasting at the water stations'.

Yup. The marathon in question takes place in a vineyard.
Water is optional.


And the cut-off time within which to finish is eight hours.

We might just have completed our 'sampling' by then.

And finished the marathon. In some state or other.


Yadda yadda yadda...