Thursday, 24 October 2013

LCM's bake-off

Apparently there has been this series on the telly called 'The Bake-Off' or 'Let's Bake' or 'Wear a Pinnie and Make Fancy Things with Icing' or something like that.

I have no idea. I will rely on others to tell me all about it.

Anyway, my point is that since the last post, I have been feverishly working myself up in to a floury frenzy, fretting about what to donate to Mr Man's Year 6 cake sale taking place on the Friday before half term. That'll be tomorrow.

Could I possibly do a 'Calendar Girls' special and buy a M&S Victoria Sponge and pass it off as my own? What about a Waitrose chocolate roll? Or a Sainbury's fruit loaf?

Not at all. In spite of all forms of procrastination I could think of (and there are many, believe me, imminent conf call and strategic business planning for phase two of major project for a client being just a couple of them), I actually took up the challenge and have baked not one, not two, but three different offerings to present to the paying masses.

This was my first effort:

Okay, okay, so they were out of a packet.
Sue me.

I was so pleased with myself I tweeted my fellow class rep and cake-stall-organiser and partner-in-crime (because so much more fun than texting, innit).
As ever, she did not mince her words.

So I baked these:

Mini lemon madeiras - and that's runny icing
in the corners, no drool

It appears I was not trying hard enough: 

So I came up with these:

Sticky, tacky and appealing to young 'uns

Perfect, apparently.
Taste test with cherubs to follow shortly. If they're bouncing off the ceilings by bed time, I'll know I've hit the (sugar) jackpot.


Yadda yadda yadda...