Friday, 6 September 2013

What the eye sees - 'Tats for you' special edition

So, how long? This long. Since snapping and posting, that is.

I have been busy. Get over it.

I have also been prompted by something that OH said about David Beckham's tattoos, and how they are (I quote) "Not as sharp as they used to be and starting to blur at the edges."
So I googled this, as you do. Great excuse for a gratuitous photo.

DB - tats and undies
(c) Daily Mail Snail Fail

Not quite, it would seem, but then again only a matter of time before the skin sags, the wrinkles get beyond botox, and the ink fades.

Let's be clear - I admire some tattoos and am impressed by the creativity and the artwork that goes in to them. Some of the best I have ever seen were in Brazil, truly incredible.

However. Sometimes I do wonder what people were thinking. Or even if they were thinking in the first place.

Here's what I mean:

A rabid bulldog on your inner calf?
Are you proposing to have 'beware of the dog' added to this gem?

Okay, I get it.
It's a sock line.
As in a "pull up to here" marker.

Miss! Miss! What's the time please?

Oh. Your clock is broken?
And you cannot perform an Exorcist manoeuvre to see it anyway?
Hmmm. Bummer.

And the caption is?

Weren't we always told "No guts, no glory"?
Hey ho. He wasn't English speaking anyway.
Risk, smisk. Same thing. MaƱana amigo.

And then there was this. Which, whilst pretty impressive, did have me loitering around this fellow's shadow* for a while trying to figure out what it might look like in twenty years' time. 

Answers on a postcard please.

What on earth...?

Methinks Oriental landscape depiction.
Or possibly after-effects of a fart gone terrible wrong.
Note to all: stay upwind.

* In answer to the obvious question: no, there was never any risk of being a) sprung, or b) arrested, because a) I am subtle, and b) I have children and can shout very loudly. Just ask the neighbours.


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