Friday, 27 September 2013

Month end

I have just realised it is almost - almost - the end of another month.

Stone the crows, where did the time go?

Aha. Let's see:
  • training with the Moose
  • training with the lovely lads from Rugby Pro Fit Club (there is a trade-off going on here, more about this in a future post)
  • writing business proposals for prospective new clients
  • having video/phone conference calls with colleagues and customers
  • dossing around on Facebook
  • giving free career and business advice and guidance to (at last count) seven different individuals (I should start charging for this really)
  • picking up governor duties with the school
  • wondering how did I end up being the Chair of the Resources and Finance Committee
  • probably because it sounded like a good idea
  • like moving the kids' bedrooms around
  • on my own
  • including dismantling a bunk bed, two wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a desk and then relocating them in their new 'positions'
  • and realising that IKEA has dared to change the width of its wire baskets so that I had to improvise and dig out long-forgotten DIY skills to ensure they fitted in the wardrobe that was a mere *cough* twenty years old
Don't believe me? Look:


Of course, OH was underwhelmed. He (eventually) came to admire my handiwork and commented that it was "Okay," before asking what was for dinner.

"Svenska k├Âttbullar," I replied.

Just as well he has such appalling language skills. 
He got pizza and salad instead.


Yadda yadda yadda...