Monday, 15 July 2013

The upside of down time

It has taken me a couple of weeks to appreciate my 'non commute' to client offices, being able to hold conference calls in the middle of a field (more below), not having to do the mad dash between early morning training sessions and the follow-on 'shower-and-get-dressed, drop-kids-off, battle-traffic-jams, sit-in-endless-meetings, roll-eyes-a-lot' mental merry-go-round, and then look at my watch as the evening progresses wondering what time it would be acceptable to doze off in front of the TV before it all starts over again.

Actually the only things I have been doing are the morning training sessions and the rolling of eyes bit. Mainly the former because IT IS FINALLY SUMMER and my fingers and toes are not blue with cold, and the latter because, ermm, well, uhmm... because it's free.

So, aside from a conference call with one of my business partners and our Big Client which took place (for me) in a field with lots of cows, my former rowing partner, and gusts of wind in the background,

(Big Client: "There's a lot of disturbance on this line... " Business Partner: "Yes, LCM, where are you?" LCM: "In a field. With cows. And wind. And my old rowing partner. But it's okay now! I'm behind a hedge!" Stunned silence and some nervous laughter followed. Happy to report we are still in business)

we have - for the first time in forever - placed THIRD in the Challenge Relay Triathlon at Dorney Lake yesterday.

Stunned - by the soaring midday heat
amongst other things

You may well notice that BB has morphed in to a *cough* slightly younger and blonder version of herself. Fear not, she lives on but has sustained a shoulder injury (all that heavy weight lifting with Elliott Hugh Casper Ralph James* no doubt) and her place was taken up by our super duper water polo-playing star from Down Under aka Shelley the Shark.

(*she has worn them out one by one)

Added bonus was finding my prodigal son @RunTeacherMan manning the stall of CEP Sports UK who did such a fine job 'promoting' my blog and twittering obsession to the boss man (payback for past hospitality?!), that I was donated a fine pair of fabulous new compression sleeves to aide my poor recovering post-massage (which was agony, btw) calf muscles. Provided I mentioned them on the blog. And followed them on Twitter.

And the colours are really groovy too

Simply stunning. And do the job.
The compression sleeves, of course.

Easy peasy squeezy lemon.


Yadda yadda yadda...