Sunday, 7 July 2013

Once upon a time...

... there were a million and one a couple of hundred a dozen or so a few reasons why I have not actively posted recently, namely as follows (in no particular order, or so I am told):

  • learning to appreciate 'down time' between client projects
  • making more appearances at the school gate during drop-off/pick-up in ten days than I have in six years
  • although much to my children's amusement (and concern, I think), not to physically drop them off or pick them up
  • because I had meetings at the school as a governor
  • and wraparound care is a wonderful thing
  • which I had paid for in advance already
  • and I wanted to watch the Tour de France/Wimbledon/other sporting events in some peace and quite for a couple of hours in the afternoon without persistent questions interrupting me (I know, I know, so sue me)
  • training with the Moose
  • early morning week day bikes rides
  • very important shopping trips

  • going to Henley Royal Regatta to catch up with the old rowing crowd and watch some excellent races
  • and drinking some Pimms
  • although only one glass as I was driving (I know, I know, but have you ever tried the train there and back? appalling, trust me, I would rather battle the traffic)
  • laughing like mad at 'The Call Centre'
  • laughing even more at OH (who is Welsh) who is falling off the chair in hysterics
  • cringing at 'The Apprentice'
  • but enjoying the tweet-fest that accompanies it 

It may be shallow, but it seems to take up much of my time. 
Proper blog posts can wait just a tiny bit longer.


Yadda yadda yadda...