Monday, 10 June 2013

Kevin and the BOOBIL posse

Never do things in halves, 'tis what I say. Or something to that effect.

So, another year, another triathlon. Blenheim again. Glorious setting, masses of people, fantastic set-up. Shame about the weather (a mere 17C maximum on the Saturday, very cool gusty winds, and a rather chilly lake temperature of 16C) and the rubbish results (me, that is) but - hey! - it was all good fun and completed with my lovely training companions BB and WW. We even have the medals to prove it.

The BOOBIL posse

As if that were not enough, WW played host to Kevin the very next day (like I said, nothing done in halves) and - wait for it - actually proposed a book on cycling as one of our next reads which was accepted unanimously by the entire contingent of Kevinettes. Unheard of. We cannot even get that kind of consensus when deciding on a date for our next meeting.

There you go. I can safely tuck the first race of the year under my belt, recover from my hypothermia (I am still cold from that swim), look forward to further good reads - see the panel on the left - and press on with some more focused training. The Moose has promised to turn me in to a lean mean running machine in time for our next event where the BOOBIL posse is competing as a team: BB is doing the swim, WW the bike leg, and I am bravely bringing home the bacon with the run.

Knowing my luck it will probably be the hottest day of the year and instead of dealing with freezing water I will be fighting off heat exhaustion.

Whose idea was this anyway? Oh yes. Mine. Whoops.


Yadda yadda yadda...