Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Moose of a morning

Guess what? I succumbed.

Not to the endless (mindless) idiotic PR boomerangs that get regularly thrown my way (pram-a-thons, anyone? or maybe 'guest posts' on baby clothing? or even 'sample sessions' for new kiddie adventure playgrounds? good grief, do these people ever read my profile?) but to a genuine offer of something that I was game to try first hand.

A Personal Training session on my home ground. Get me.

Cue the Moose.

The name's Moose. Nick 'Moose' Master Trainer

On the dot of 7.17am he turned up, introduced himself, frog-marched us to the nearest open space, cursed that it was not raining, and then put us (that's BB and yours truly) through our paces.*

* some of that may not be quite true

This was my first reaction.

Run away! He'll never catch you!

Alas. I also had to come back. He already had BB doing squats with a 12kg kettle ball. I could not abandon her given that I had been warned that "the Moose loves Brazilians" - we hope the human, not the waxing, kind.

Squat no. 27 of 100 reps

He got us skipping, pulling, punching, lifting, sprinting, raising, lunging, press-upping and...

Was this your idea?
Me? Don't be ridiculous

... planks.

Oooh, I like your nail colour!

Oh yes. So attractive. The Moose's one comment? "Get your bottom down, Miss Brazil!"
We would have laughed had we had any breath left. Instead we looked at our nails and compared manicures. We are *that* sophisticated.

Verdict? Excellent. Fun, convenient, no frills and 'does what it says on the tin'.
I'll be booking more. Although I might have to prise BB away from Elliott to get her along again.

Oh, and this is what the Moose *really* looks like first thing in the morning.

Check him out for yourself - button on the sidebar with all the links and details and discounts!

I am now going to sit down. I might need the Moose to help me get up again.


Yadda yadda yadda...