Monday, 29 April 2013

Things I have learnt this month

  • Getting to Australia still takes a bloody long time
  • Tweeting from 37,000ft does not give you wings, it just means you are incapable of switching off
  • If your client was 'wading through treacle' when you left to go on holiday, you can guarantee they will have made no progress in your absence
  • Likewise, spring will also have postponed its appearance until your return
  • And even then it will string it out
  • Former colleagues whom you admired make great business associates and partners
  • They also provide the funniest sound bites

  • Twenty-three children under the age of nine make a lot of noise
  • Especially in a closed environment
  • Like a coach on a rugby tour
  • Getting back in to a training regime at 5.30am on a Monday morning is hard work
  • Being told your arms look "a bit lazy" when swimming is not offensive
  • Because it is probably true
  • Blaming leaky goggles will not atone you
  • The bike will not ride itself, you have to actually take it out of the garage and get on it
  • Undoing forty years' of running style takes a long, long, long time and far too much concentration
  • Well, more than five kilometres' worth at any rate

What about you?


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