Monday, 29 April 2013

Things I have learnt this month

  • Getting to Australia still takes a bloody long time
  • Tweeting from 37,000ft does not give you wings, it just means you are incapable of switching off
  • If your client was 'wading through treacle' when you left to go on holiday, you can guarantee they will have made no progress in your absence
  • Likewise, spring will also have postponed its appearance until your return
  • And even then it will string it out
  • Former colleagues whom you admired make great business associates and partners
  • They also provide the funniest sound bites

  • Twenty-three children under the age of nine make a lot of noise
  • Especially in a closed environment
  • Like a coach on a rugby tour
  • Getting back in to a training regime at 5.30am on a Monday morning is hard work
  • Being told your arms look "a bit lazy" when swimming is not offensive
  • Because it is probably true
  • Blaming leaky goggles will not atone you
  • The bike will not ride itself, you have to actually take it out of the garage and get on it
  • Undoing forty years' of running style takes a long, long, long time and far too much concentration
  • Well, more than five kilometres' worth at any rate

What about you?


Monday, 15 April 2013

Back up from Down Under

How quickly can time fly?

Well, if you take a three-week break away from it all, head to Byron Bay via Brisbane, surf the waves with 'the dudes' (my kids, not the locals), check out the wildlife (pet a 'roo, cuddle a koala, usual stuff), mosey on down to Sydney, take a spin on the harbour on a lovely yacht (family friend, don't kid yourself), do an Easter Sunday ocean swim with an old rowing mate (yes, IN the water as opposed to ON the water), catch up with Uni buddies, revisit the old haunts of the Northern Beaches (Whale, Palmie, anyone?), flit over to Adelaide, climb Mt Lofty to catch the views with repatriated friends, go traipsing round the Barossa, meet a real local (yeah, Cate Pearce, that'd be you), and be enthralled by the Cloud Forest in Singapore en route home, well, then... I guess it does not fly at all.

It it just perfect.

Yee-hah, get me.

Here's a brief pictorial to illustrate further - and just in case you find it easier to 'tell' a story via photos... a bit like Cate and I did after a few glasses of wine.

Chillin' out with the 'in' crowd

Geez mate, not more of that awful grub?

Okay, now wait... wait... wait...
for the right wave to get in

Palm on the left, Pittwater on the right,
and I'm "stuck in the middle with youuuu"

Looks nothing like London

The very phallic Mt Lofty lighthouse -
a trait shared with other similar edifices

Barossa delight

Some strange woman who insisted
on giving me wine

Cloud Forest - simply amazing


Yadda yadda yadda...