Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Time for a break

Manic times. It never rains but pours: cats, dogs, irate school parents, irrational colleagues, complaining coaches, uncooperative clients, non-compliant committee peers, inconsiderate OHs who go off to attend industry conferences for the best part of a week, touch down for twenty-four hours, and then disappear for another three days on a separate business trip, leaving laundry in their wake.

At least the military regime at home has paid off and the cherubs were relatively well-behaved and helpful.

Either way, it has been exhausting.

But, guess what? It's also time for a well-earned break. 
The kids are oblivious to it all as we attempt to keep it a 'surprise'.
Not sure what OH is expecting them to think (after debates around "What shall we do for Easter?") when we rock up at the airport after leading them to believe that we might "catch a flight to Cornwall and rent a cottage"? Yes, honest.

I can foresee the first question: "Is Brisbane really in England?"


Yadda yadda yadda...