Saturday, 9 March 2013

The doctor will see you once more

(c) Charles Schultz
Quite obviously I have been way too busy of late, given that the last edition of Doctor LCM's BADASS consulting sessions was back in October. Good grief, that is just ridiculous. Never mind that real life (work, rugby, kids, training, laundry, clients, business associates, laundry, training, deadlines, rugby, laundry... am I repeating myself?) often gets in the way of blogging.

For those of you who are new here - and think I am just using gratuitous foul language (I do, you have been warned) - the acronym stands for Business Advisory and Select Services.

I had to think long and hard to come up with that. I hope you appreciate it.

So, anyway, I have been extremely busy doling out advice left, right and centre of recent. Both to those who request it and to those who don't. Personally it is far more satisfying to deal with the latter, especially as they look at me like I had suddenly spouted a third ear and had no concern for etiquette and the British notion of 'not making a fuss'.
I like to make a fuss. It is healthy, although OH gets very annoyed, especially when he offers to cook and makes one of his three repertoire dishes and I roll my eyes and say, "Again?" Now, if he did the laundry instead on a regular basis (not just twice a year), that would be a whole other story. I could almost pension off the Laundry Fairy.

I digress, as ever.

Today's letter of choice comes from a regular client who somehow never seems to take on board the advice doled out on previous occasions.


Never mind. One lives in hope.

"Dear Doctor LCM

My boss strives to undermine me. Decisions are made without consulting me, changes are implemented without my views being taken in to consideration, communications are sent out without my input. 
I am supposed to be managing a team and these actions show me up as having no control. 
I have been with my company for many, many years, yet my boss is a relative newcomer whose mandate is to 'transform the business', whatever that means. 
People's feelings need to be taken in to account or the upset will cause disruption. I already am being portrayed as being incompetent and 'out of touch'.

What should I do?

Yours sincerely,
Dejected Leader of Men

p.s. the boss is female - does that make me unreasonable?"

Doctor LCM replies:

Dear Dejected Leader of Men,

Ever heard the saying "Grown some balls"? Yes?
Well, guess what. Time to do just that.
Man up!

You're welcome.


If you too have a pressing business-related matter that you would like answered or on which to receive valuable advice, please submit to the Doctor and wait patiently in line.


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