Friday, 23 November 2012

Kevin makes plans

The problem with Kevin is that we have such a good time. Not that enjoyment amidst good friends is deplorable when discussing books or other matters (mostly other matters), but it does mean we sometimes get distracted.

Take the last meeting earlier this week, for example. Our host was the Lovely Radiographer.
The Botanical Artist had bailed on us (other commitments, tsk), and the Wine Writer was busy with children's swimming lessons (presumably watching, not taking part, you never know as she is pretty competitive that one).

So the remaining five of us met, scoffed food and wine (delicious and far too much, as ever) and discussed the two books we selected last time.
I was expecting congratulations all round for having managed to read both of them - an outstanding achievement (I thought) given I am currently driving forty minutes either way to and from a client's office almost every working day and then spend weekends up to my knees in children and mini rugby.

It was not forthcoming. I should know better by now. The Kevinettes are a tough bunch.

Never mind. We chatted, in between mouthfuls of goulash, and discussed what we liked, what we didn't, what irritated the hell out of us, and why. Once that was out of the way - and we were on to pudding - we moved on to far more important matters.

Such as who was going to host the next meeting?

And things moved on from there pretty swiftly until before you knew it, Kevin was looking at a weekend away at a literary festival! Something totally different to plan for, especially given the random questions that circled around, such as:

- Shall we go to Hay-on-Wye? (Belfast Blonde)
- If we go to Bath we can visit the spas (Doctor of Philosophy)
- We could rent a cottage (Lovely Radiographer)
- I'm not cooking for all you lot (LCM)
- We want a bit of luxury (Aussie Solicitor)
- There's a festival in north London... okay maybe not far enough (Lovely Radiographer)
- Hooray, kid-free weekend! (LCM)
- It needs to be easy enough to get to (Aussie Solicitor)
- Do you know that with predictive texting 'on' if I type 'spray tan' it corrects to 'dirty team'?
- We could go to the local markets and buy food (Belfast Blonde)
- I will pay for a private chef for the lot of us (LCM)
- And if I write 'karaoke circus' it comes out 'karaoke coitus'? (Lovely Radiographer)

Anyway. Nothing decided, but the seed has been firmly planted.

Next meeting in January. At the very exotic Doctor's house unless otherwise advised.

(c) Randy Glasbergen


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