Sunday, 5 August 2012

A (resolved) case of identity crisis

At last it was my turn to enjoy some of the Olympic spirit first hand with the family. The *only* tickets I managed to get, might I add (thanks LOCOG).

It was a familiar venue for me (from past events, both on and in the water), but it looked fantastic.

Aaah, Dorney, you look splendid

In true British style we braved the weather.

Pah. 'Tis only a shower.
(Albeit very heavy and some forty minutes in duration)

With suitable sarcastic tweet.

We cheered the magnificent - and very exciting - Men's Fours' race.

GB beat Australia - neck and neck,
right up to the line

Patriotism abounded.

Especially when there were unexpected turns of events.

The Lightweight Women's double sculls (LW W2x)
coming up to the finish line - to win gold

And there were medal ceremonies.

GB gold, Australia silver, USA bronze

And audience participation.

But it was when I saw this:

Yes, that is one of the cherubs waving a Union Jack

And that, dear readers, it how London 2012 has inspired me.


Yadda yadda yadda...