Friday, 6 July 2012

Kevin's Olympics

Kevin is very excited. One of us is actually going to be taking part in the Olympics this year!

And no, it's not me in my wetsuit, but thank you for asking.

The Lovely Radiographer is going to be a crowd leader, yes, a CROWD LEADER during the opening ceremony.

(pause for thought)


The Kevinettes, too, were curious about what such a role entailed.

So the conversation went something like this.

Belfast Blonde - "Are you one of the sheep?"

Lovely Radiographer - "No"

Botanical Artist - "Do you sing?"

LR - "No."

Doctor of Psychology - "Will you be dancing?"

LR - "No."

Wine Writer - "Do you have to wear a costume?"

LR (rolls eyes) - "Uhmm, yes."

LCM - "Ooooh! What's it like?"

LR - "We will look like retards."

Doctor of Psychology - "How does that fit with being a crowd leader?"

LR - "I will be responsible for a section of the audience. I will be in charge of ensuring their participation."

LCM (still thinking about the costume bit) - "Do you have to dress up like those idiotic mascots Wendilocks and Murderville?"

LR - "That would actually be better."

Botanical Artist - "Can you wave at us?"

LR - "No. And with some eighty-thousand people in the stadium, fifteen thousand volunteers and hundreds of TV cameras, I don't think I would know where to look, or when. Plus I will BE BUSY leading my section of the audience."

Belfast Blonde - "You could hold up a sign!"

LR - "Saying what?"

LCM - "Kevin? And a big arrow?"

We moved on to discuss the book after that, eat a lovely meal and drink more wine than was wise - as ever - on a week day night. We even managed to select two books for our next meeting.

Nonetheless, we are all hopeful that the Lovely Radiographer will somehow, somehow, manage to stand out from the crowd at the Opening Ceremony.

Just keep an eye out for an individual leading a section of the audience in a ridiculous costume with 'Kevin' in day-glo ink scrawled on her back.

That'll be her.

That's more like it


Yadda yadda yadda...