Friday, 3 February 2012

What the eye sees - inaugural 2012 edition

Random snaps over the past few weeks. No particular order, only peculiar sightings which caught my attention.

Offended? Don't look then. It's only for fun.

Even in colder climates,
mohawks rool, man!

Speechless (me, not her).
But - where did you get those tops?

I love my Xmas jumper, I do

Cold? Snow forecast? Don't be daft.
It's positively balmy!

How to encourage your spouse to do the housework:
buy a PINK broom

I'm all coordinated in leopard print, I am

Little Bo(w) Peep...

... had a friend: Little Another Bo(w) Peep
(feet off the seats, btw)

OMG. You cannot be serious.

Yup. She is.

Oh. I say. Is that you, Sherlock?

Of course. Elementary, Watson.

Very dandy. Turned up collar, natty scarf,
polished shoes, a few too many rings and bangles
for my liking, and your flat cap seems to be
perched at a peculiar angle...
Really? What does it say?
"Insert plug in ear"??
'Til next time.


Yadda yadda yadda...