Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random (winter) rambling conversations with my training partner

You would think - given the change of seasons and the slight 'winding down' that ensues - that our communiqués would let up somewhat.

Not so.

Text messages.
LCM - Resigned. Formal notice just gone out. On garden leave from end of this week.
BB - Garden leave? Serious training leave :-)
LCM - Possibly. No fun without you :-(

Following week. Late (very late) Saturday evening.
BB - Early bike ride tomorrow by any chance??
LCM - Would have to be at 7.30am latest as rugby calling after and need to be ready to leave before 9? Will be knocking on your door sharpish so be ready to go!

Sunday morning. BB's house.
BB - "Look, I am ready! See? Isn't that good of me? Let's go!
LCM (impressed) - "Excellent!"
They mount bikes and set off. BB stops.
LCM - "What now?"
BB (looking down at feet clad in trainers, not cleat-ins) - "Oops. Wrong shoes."

A few days later.
LCM - Just back from ride round Richmond Park. So foggy could barely see ahead until I realised most of it was condensation on my glasses.

Following weekend. Sunday morning.
BB - Going for a run now. Are you at rugby?
LCM - Yes. Currently running around pitch wearing a moustache. Most fetching.
BB - Why?
LCM - Disguise.

Email inbox:
"YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE for the London Triathlon 2012!"
LCM (reads and thinks to herself) - I will just ignore that and pretend I never saw it.

Later that same day, email inbox.
BB - Re London Triathlon 2012, what are we doing about this?????
LCM - Absolutely nothing. I really draw the line at swimming in the docks.
BB (silence)
LCM (thinks to herself) - That crazy Brazilian would never just enrol me without asking, would she?

A few days later, via email.
"Enter London's premier 10k and stay motivated over the winter!"
LCM (reads and thinks to herself) - Uh oh. Here we go again. How long before _

Computer beeps. New message in inbox.
BB - Re London premier 10k, what do you think? Though the state of my back suggests it is a bad idea, I am sure I'll be better by May 2012.
LCM - You do realise this is the day after the Dorney Super Sprint triathlon?
BB - Oops. Maybe not.

At the school Christmas fair.

LCM - I am manning your cake stall!
BB - I am running there...
LCM - Not fast enough! Lack of training?


Yadda yadda yadda...