Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Time to Speak Out


And I can just imagine certain people reading this title in their twitter stream and rushing to see if I am about to overstep the boundary and spill some more beans about corporate life.

Sorry folks. Today is not your day.

This is, in fact, a far more serious topic, and one that I am proud to support.

A truly wonderful blogger friend - Kristin, the gorgeous redhead at Wanderlust - is a keynote campaigner behind Speak Out. I cannot do her words (or her horrific story) justice, so invite you to read it for yourself here and here.
A note of warning: it is not for the faint-hearted.

I would urge you to show support for this event - even if you are not a blogger or a purveyor of social media, raise awareness by speaking out against domestic violence. If you are a blogger and social media devotee, then join in and add your voice to ours. Kristin even has a natty selection of giveaways to entice you further.

Domestic violence will not just 'go away'. It can happen to anyone.
Be brave, be supportive, seek help.
Speak Out.


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