Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Strictly Come Kevin

It is again that time of the year when Saturday evenings suddenly become obsessive events involving time-keeping, schedules, and wrangling the remote control out of the cherubs' hands.
Yes, it is part and parcel of giving in to the mania that is Strictly Come Dancing.
Now, should you want to read about all the shenanigans, sequins and sexy samba sensations, then I can highly recommend the delightful (and thoroughly entertaining) writings of Miss Jones. Classy stuff, for sure.

Conveniently, I only came across Miss Jones as she is a friend of one of the Kevinettes. There is a connection there, you see, albeit somewhat tenuous.

Anyway. Where am I going with this? Oh yes, Kevin. We met again. For a change we chatted about the books - in a loop-like sequence, repeated four times as each member turned up in progression on Belfast Blonde's doorstep (at some stage I will invest in a dictaphone to minimise this effort).
Most of us had managed to read one of the selection, but none of us had completed the second choice.

Actually that is not strictly true. The Botanical Artist had read both books but was absent from the gathering (sore throat lurgy, not welcomed by Kevin) and had relayed her views and comments via yours truly.
I am not sure I managed to convey her enthusiasm entirely accurately, especially given that one of my comments was along the lines of  "She said the start of the book was a bit peculiar but it was worth persevering".
The Lovely Radiographer captured the mood beautifully in her reply, "Right, I'll give that one a miss then."

So we moved on to far more interesting subject matter, what with us being a serious book club of many years standing and all that.

In no particular order this was: Strictly, work, holidays, Strictly, other books, Strictly, choir practice, food, wine, Strictly, more wine, X Factor, and Strictly.

We are a varied lot.

But at least this time we remembered to a) set a date for the next meeting, and b) select the next books to read.

Progress, of sorts.


Yadda yadda yadda...