Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What the Vegemitevixens got up to next

There are a few rules in life. My life, that is.
They are - in no particular order - as follows:

  1. do not try to put lipstick on while the car is in motion (whether you are driving or otherwise)
  2. be nice to your parents
  3. change the sheets on your bed (or if all else fails, pay someone else to do it)
  4. remember to collect your kids from after school club, preferably before closing time
  5. do not name actual names in blog posts (although this will not stop individuals purposely misinterpreting your sarcasm and taking offence because they believe you are making disparaging remarks, poking fun, or mocking them and/or others, or something along those lines. Confused? Yes, me too. Really guys, get a grip, life is too short)
  6. hold the bannister when descending stairs in high heels
  7. join in, it's much more fun
  8. fresh air, at least once a day
  9. always have a good joke you can recall at short notice
  10. refrain from writing sponsored posts or reviews wherever possible

Now with regard to the last point, I have made a couple of exceptions over the past year.
One was for the lovely Holly at Vosene (entrance to London Zoo, an unexpected proper croquet set and then shampoo freebies for the kids' school vetoed any reservations I might have had), and the other was for Carte Noir. If you have not watched the ridiculous antics we filmed for the latter, you have probably done your eyes a favour.

The last event I agreed to accept (graciously, as ever) was courtesy of the London Eye. It was originally to have been an 'end-of-summer-event-without-kids' just for me, however, after some haggling negotiating, I blagged multiple tickets for the infamous Vegemitevixens and off we went.

Now bear in mind that the last time we met up for a night on the town we ended up thus:

Pure class, yes?
This time we were far more constrained. Never mind that two of the Vixens had cried off (one citing babysitting failure, the other lurgy - pah! amateurs, I must talk to the President about having them struck off), the remaining four still had a wonderful champagne 'flight' on a most glorious late Indian summer evening on this star attraction of the South Bank. The views were fabulous, the talk non-stop, and the laughs - as always - aplenty. Thank you, London Eye (and my flying companions) for such a wonderful evening!

As for the post flight events, they have already been beautifully captured here.

All I will add is that we were actually turned away from the nightclub (under the pretext of our names not being on the guest list at the door - pah! another insult), but I allowed the Vegemitevixens to carry their dignity to the lounge bar under the belief that they really were 'not up to clubbing' that night.

And actually, enjoying a bottle of wine and laughing with girlfriends, I must confess, was a far more befitting way to end a fabulous night out.


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