Friday, 7 October 2011

A true act of selflessness

Given the world we live in - you know, all 'me, me, me', greed personified (footballers, anyone?), 'slebs at every turn, and constant attention-seekers hankering after some meagre claim to fame - it is refreshing and inspiring to find someone who is pursuing a fairly unique challenge that only benefits others.

This person is possibly one of the loveliest and most genuine people I have ever come across. He is now into the final days of his amazing challenge - read all about it here. Having been a guest of the LCM household this past week, I feel very privileged to have gotten to know him better. The fact that he also provided entertainment for the children, cleared my fridge of any leftovers, and was extremely neat and tidy was an added bonus.

Jokes aside, I have seen first hand the pain and travails this young man is putting himself through for a cause that is truly, honourably, selfless. If you too are touched by the story behind the challenge, then I urge you to donate something, however small, because gestures like these are all too few and far between nowadays. Details as to how to do this are here.

Sean, I salute you, You are an inspiration and an absolute star. I am very proud to call you a friend.

Sean wears flourescent physio tape courtesy of therapist
LCM wears wetsuit and floral cap courtesy of very bad taste


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