Sunday, 7 August 2011

Latest random conversations with my training partner(s)

I swear these become more absurd by the week day.

On Facebook.

BB - SOS. I desperately need a cyclist for London Triathlon relay with me TOMORROW. Any taker? I wanted the Wine Writer and London City Mum but they are not around... sniff sniff

No replies. Aside from one, male, in Brazil. Tsk

BB - Come on people. It is just 40k flat. It is just for fun!
LCM - My flight does not land until 8.30pm. Guess that'd be a little too late?
BB - You never know. I might be getting out of the water then.

Text messages.

LCM - Going to swim at Datchet tomorrow 6.30am. Coming? Our start time on Saturday is 17.40. From one extreme to the other.
BB - Bollocks to 17.40. Datchet tomorrow? To think about.* We'll speak later.
LCM - You are starting to sound like me. Can you write a blog post for me as well? Went for run yesterday, very slow and foot sore. Limping now although that may be due to very high wedges รก la BB today at work.

* Brazilian for "I'll have to think about it". Some things get lost in translation. Or texting. Or whatever.

The next day, after BB opts for pool swim and LCM pretends to go to Datchet.

LCM - Afraid I bailed on swim this morning. Foot sore and then rain meant I just rolled over and had another half hour in bed.

No answer.

Next day.

LCM - Happy to report I got my sorry arse out of bed this morning and went for swim at pool. Cannot let the side down! Although only two other blokes in my lane and they kept on lapping me. Must try harder.

No answer.

Next day.

LCM - You do realise that the top Olympic triathletes from around the world are competing tomorrow and our only saving grace is that they start at 08.36 vs our time of 17.40?

No answer.


LCM - Mrs Radio Silence, what time we heading to Hyde Park tomorrow?

No answer. 
LCM starts to panic, just ever so slightly.

Crazy door rap in early morning. It can only be one person.

BB (all smiles and jumping excitedly from foot to foot) - "So, you excited? This is going to be great!"
LCM (wondering how she got sucked in to this one, and cursing WW who is in deepest Norfolk) - "Uhmm. Sure!"
BB - "You don't look too convinced?"
LCM - "I still haven't had any breakfast."
BB - "Me neither! I'm going to the dry-cleaners, want me to take anything for you?"
LCM (contemplates handing over tri-suit, wetsuit, cycling gloves and other paraphernalia) - "No. Thank you."

Races comes. And goes. WW is cursed. A lot. 

Text messages.

LCM - Time of 1hr 46mins 56secs, so not too bad for an old bird.
BB - Well done! Official results? Where did you get them?
LCM - Online now. You were 1hr 39mins 59secs, absolutely brilliant.
BB - Yes!! Sprint was worth it :-)
LCM (takes long swig of well earned beer) - Watching men's elite live on BBC2 now. Slightly different set up for transition for these guys. No crowding or long distance run to get to their bikes!

On Facebook.

LCM - And the truth in numbers, aka BB doing zero training is still superior to me doing zero training. But at least I am a 'Prof' from Italy.


Yadda yadda yadda...