Thursday, 14 July 2011

What the eye sees... the long overdue edition

It's been a while, yadda yadda yadda zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Suffice to say I have an amalgamation of photographic snaps that probably have nothing in common aside from the fact that they all reside in my trusted mobile's memory. Forget the phone hacking scandal (which I am still trying to figure out, by the way), if I were to be called up to testify in front of the Home Affairs Committee my sole excuse would be "But, look! Aren't you also amused?"

Cue handcuffs and a quick round of pleas to fellow bloggers for bail.

So without further ado, here we go. Enjoy. I did.

The curious case of the matching tops and toes:

Mr Orange - Darling, do you have the tickets?
Mr Blue - Of course darling, let me just check in my man-bag.

Mr Orange - Oh darling, look! Here comes the train!
Mr Blue - Oooooh, exciting! It matches our outfits, although 

I still think you should have worn yellow today!

And I am not kidding about the colour coordination either. 
Look more closely:

London Underground strives to keep
in touch with its inner self and passengers' attire

The man who ran out of business socks. And the woman who literally wore her shoes out.

Brown shoe to black shoe: "Wow, tough day? You're looking a bit rough."
Black shoe to brown shoe: "Hey, at least I don't dress like I am a five year old

going to gymnastics with my tennis socks on."

Next. Shameful. No wonder she was hiding.

Damn, what was it I had to remember?
Oh yes, nail polish remover.
And why is this woman taking photos of my hands?

The 'new' matching collar and cuffs.

This ain't nothing baby, you should
see my budgie smugglers
Remember this gem

Salvador Dalí is alive and well and on the London tube

Well, look who I found.

Salvador Dalí's brother, also doubling as Lenin.
Will do impressions of Karl Marx for a nominal fee

And then there was Henley Royal Regatta. As always, a lovely assortment of oddities. 
But that, well... That will just have to wait for another post.

Disclaimer: these posts are not meant to offend, they are totally tongue-in-cheek. If you have been captured on film, congratulations, you caught my attention. If this offends you I am truly sorry. A simple email with proof of identity will see you removed tout suite. Just like that.


Yadda yadda yadda...