Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kevin's contagious case of senility - part two

Remember this? No? Me neither. Amnesia is a wonderful thing.

Anyway. It is definitely catching.

No thanks to the shenanigans that accompanied my email account being hacked,

The long and short of it however was that I subsequently received a text message from the Lovely Radiographer saying she was sorry to hear of my dilemma, but was able to come along on Monday.

Eh? What? What was happening on Monday? How bad was this forgetfulness I appeared to be suffering from?

Pretty bad, actually. Because of course it was my turn to host Kevin. On Monday. It was already Saturday. Oops.

That's what happens when you do not back up your calendar, never mind your email account and contacts.

The only saving grace was that at least I had already read one of the books. I sped read the other in the space of half an hour - a new experience for me on Kindle, amazing how quickly you can tap the 'forward' button when bored.

So the Kevinettes came, laughed, ate, drank and make so much noise we sounded like a six-woman house party in the making. And we discussed the books (as you do). And told some very funny stories (which I have already forgotten). And made plans for the next meeting. The date of which I have now written in bold felt tip marker pen on the calendar in the kitchen so if I totally lose my marbles between now and then, at least the cherubs can remind me when it is time to reconvene with (I quote) "your very LOUD friends, Mummy".

Good. So that's sorted. Now, where was I?


Yadda yadda yadda...