Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ten reasons why I am not going to Robots Anonymous* this year

No, I am not going. Out of choice. And this is why:
  1. newest arrival Jim is still rather shy and adverse to public outings
  2. I am manning a stall at the school's summer fair
  3. I may be training (possibly after a lie-in)
  4. it is a triathlon-free weekend (and therefore subject to point 3 above)
  5. I will be spending time with my children before they sue me for negligence (see point 4)
  6. there will be even more ridiculous exchanges with BB and WW in light of our next (relay) race
  7. Kevin's backlog is swamping me and I need to catch up
  8. I am allergic to crowds
  9. although I am a mother and I am a blogger, I am not a 'mummy blogger'
  10. ... *thinks hard*... I will be washing my hair
The only time I look backwards

* that's my take on last year's Cybermummy for those who were wondering


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