Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Never mind fifteen minutes, here's my thirty seconds of fame

As a rule, I do not 'do' sponsored posts.
Too many obligations, too many onerous tasks to abide by, too many people to please.

I have enough of that to deal with at work. And at home. Almost forgot that last point.

Anyway, when I was approached about taking part in a short film illustrating 'me time', I was highly amused by the notion that it might involve having my nails done, enjoying a spa day, or even sitting in a bath surrounded by aromatherapy candles.

Hmmm. I think not. Anyone who has read recent posts would understand that is not quite my 'thing'.

I answered back accordingly. Would the company in question perhaps appreciate an LCM version of 'me time'? Complete with wetsuit and vintage swimming cap?

Thinking they would beat a hasty retreat, Yours Truly was taken back by the reply ("That sounds brilliant!").

So here it is. Have a laugh at my expense.
Oh, and Halle Berry? Eat your heart out.

Thank you Sam, Lorna, Aimee, Fiona, Ryan and Ollie - you were game enough to go along with the ridiculous and I salute you.


Yadda yadda yadda...